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      How do I rent

      By specifying the holiday residence you want to rent and the dates you will rent, by obtaining the necessary transportation and invoice information from you, your Pre-Reservation process is made. At the latest from the date of pre-reservation; For reservations in the near future, 1 business day, for reservations on distant dates, within 3 business days, 35% of the total fee is charged as a deposit (Bank 'Transfer or EFT', Credit Card 'Single - Installment Withdrawal or Mail Order or Advance) payment. The remaining fee is taken in cash (cash) at the delivery of the villa, after the contract is made and the villa controls are made.

      When the deposit is received, a Reservation Confirmation is sent to you in writing (WhatsApp, e-mail) within 24 hours at the latest.

      At the delivery of the villa, the delivered fixtures are counted, and the amount specified in the announcement is taken as a deposit, and a refund is made after the fixed deposit in the villa is delivered by the tenant on the departure date of the deposit.

      Important Note: Most of the cottages on our rental page are only rented by us (villas and apartments with the “Super Villam Special” logo on their photos). Other than these cottages, they are also rented out by the owners of the villas or by different agencies. Therefore, the online reservation calendar showing the occupancy status may not be up-to-date. It will be useful for you to contact us and confirm the availability before making online payments to these cottages.

      Entry/Exit to the Villa
      Villa check-in time: 15:00 - 16:00 (afternoon), Check-out time: 10:00 (morning). In the meantime, cleaning is done.

      Pool and garden maintenance
      It is done by the staff in the early hours of every morning, and if there is any malfunction in the villa during your holiday, it will be fixed by us, if you inform us.

      There are clean spare sheets and pillows in our villas. Cleaning is done before the entrance of the villa. If the customer wants to be cleaned inside the villa from the date of entry to the villa, the extra cleaning fee (between 500.00 TL - 1,000.00 TL) is equal to the cleaning fee written on your reservation document. – Except for the Weekly (7 nights) Fee stated in our advertisements, no other fees are charged unless otherwise stated. Our prices include cleaning, electricity, pool and garden maintenance, water etc. VAT is not included. (Real estate incomes are declared at the end of each year and invoices cannot be issued as they are not a business. Therefore, VAT is not included. Super Villam issues an intermediary invoice for all its transactions.)

      Pets are not accepted in our Villas unless stated otherwise.

      Customer Responsibilities
      Customers are authorized to use all the furniture and furniture of the holiday residence they rent, but they will use all the furniture and equipment cleanly, and they will immediately inform our company when they cause any damage. They will pay for any damage they may cause to the villa during their stay, and for any lost property, without leaving the villa. Customers will be considerate of the neighbors around the villa and will avoid any behavior and noise that may disturb the environment. In addition, they will not keep any illegal weapons, drugs, etc., they will not host legally wanted persons / fugitives in the villa, in short, the villa will not be used for any illegal activity. The customer is also responsible for possible accidents and damages that may occur due to his own fault in the rented house during the rental period and other individuals accompanying him.

      The maximum number of people is specified in the descriptions of each holiday residence, it should not exceed the number of guests stated during the rental period and confirmed on the receipt/document, the number of people staying in the house includes children and babies. If the maximum number of people who can stay at home is exceeded, a large number of people will be asked to leave the house or a certain amount of extra fee will be charged.

      In addition, as per the new law, the Baransel Group company informs the tenant with the contract it made at the time of entry that legal action can be taken against the person(s) staying, other than those whose identity information is obtained at the time of entry and entered into the KBS (Identity Notification System) database. The tenant is obliged to pay the fine that may occur due to incomplete or wrong identification or those who make accommodation without their identity information in the contract. When the tenant signs this contract, he accepts and undertakes these terms.

      During the pre-reservation phase of the holiday residence, transactions are carried out in line with the customer's declaration. The customer accepts and undertakes that the information he has given is correct and complete. Our company is not responsible for the problems caused by the missing or wrong information given by the customer.

      form provided by the client.

      that's not you.

      Refund policy in case customers cancel their bookings
      Cancellation of the reservation must be declared in writing by e-mail and/or WhatsApp. After this notification, the dates you reserved are opened and put up for sale.

      Cancellation conditions are as follows:

      Cancellations made 60 days or more prior to the date of booking will be charged 40% (forty) of the total deposit;
      If canceled between 60 and 31 days from the date of booking 60% of the total price (increased);
      If canceled 30 days or less before the date of booking, the full amount will be charged. It will not be returned to the client.
      What are your villa standards?
      All our villas are completely independent with their own pool and garden. The following items are available in all of our villas.

      Kitchen: refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, stove, water heater, a set of food and drinks for at least the number of residents.

      Living room: TV, satellite receiver, air conditioning.

      Bedroom: Clean linens and pillows, wardrobe, air conditioning.

      Miscellaneous: Washing machine, vacuum cleaner, iron and board, dining table and sitting group, hair dryer, sun loungers, parasol, barbecue grill.

      Note. Unless otherwise noted, the villas do not have a generator/power supply. In addition, our company is not responsible for customer complaints caused by regional power and water outages due to insufficient infrastructure.

      How is the villa cleaned and maintained?

      Maintenance of pools and gardens is carried out daily in all our villas and apartments. Early in the morning all processes are completed and ready for use. Our villas are cleaned between the entry and exit of clients. For weekly rentals, weekly cleaning is available at an additional cost. However, if our clients who stay in our villas and apartments for more than a week request a free general cleaning once a week.

      How can I book?

      Booking by phone: Once you have decided on the holiday home you want to book, you can contact our company at 0252 622 0303 - 0532 622 2989 and send the name of the respective home to our authorized staff and get all the information you need about the cottage and confirmation of the availability of the cottage. Your contact information will then be received by our representative and an "Advance Booking Document" containing all the details of your booking will be sent. If you pay the specified payment to our company's account on the document within the specified time, your booking will be confirmed and a "Booking Confirmation Certificate" will be sent to you.

      Online Booking: You can enter your booking request using the Online Booking panel on the listing for the holiday home you wish to stay at.

      How can I see my booking?

      In the calendar section of the "Online Booking" panel of the corresponding cottage, the dates of your booking are displayed in red (green when booking in advance).

      You can check your booking status by entering your email address and booking confirmation number in the "My Bookings" section of our homepage.

      In the booking confirmation document;

      *Client Name

      *Dates of stay

      * Date of issue of the document

      *Villa/apartment name

      *Payment Information

      *Information about the company


      What should I do if there are any problems during my stay?

      Throughout your holiday, we resolve all kinds of problems and complaints about your rented holiday residence 24 hours a day. It will be enough to inform us about it by phone or e-mail.

      How can I find a vacation home and who will I pick it up from?

      All our resort residences are presented and delivered to you by our local authorities. You can see the exact location of the vacation home on the Map Location panel in the vacation home details section. When you get to the place of rest where the residence you rented is located, it will be enough to call us or the phone number of the person in charge / authorized separately or come to our office. One of our authorized staff will accompany you, take you to the cottage and hand over the key after providing you with the necessary information.

      In regions where we do not have an office, our authorized staff will provide you with information about the person who will pick you up and take you to your holiday home before your holiday begins.

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